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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hotfile Premium

What is the benefit to become Hotfile Premium user ?

1. Unlimited High Speed Download (Unlimited Download)
2. Unlimited Parallel Download (Boleh Download 100 @ 1000 Link Sekaligus)
3. Hot/direct linking for your file
4. Download Directly without waiting time or advertising (Tak perlu tunggu countdown untuk download)
5. Support for download accelerators(Boleh pakai download accelerators seperti Internet Download Manager dan lain-lain tanpa had)
6. Up to 1200 GB Hot/Direct Link Traffic

Q. What is hotlink/direct link download?

A. Hotlink/direct download link enables you to allow other users to download your files with premium privileges fast and easy. Users given with hotlink/direct download link can instantly save the file, without being a HotFile premium member.

Q. May I embed or hotlink my direct download links?
A. Yes! You can use your hotlink/direct download links in every site. Hotfile will directly stream your files if hotflink/direct download is enabled for that file.

Q. How many GB hotfile can download?
A. it's Unliminted!!!

How can i buy hotfile premium from u?
It's Simple just SMS, YM Or email For stock Checking, then i will tell you how to make a deal biggrin.gif the details u can see below

Q. How Fast it will be?
Depending on your connection, normally it will be up to 200 Kb/s for streamyx 1mb

Is it possible my premium get hack?
We are activate your premium account using Voucher code, there is no way to know your username n password even for me. Unless u share those information with somebody else.

Q. Can i share my Premium Account?
Strictly NO, i advice all of you dont do this, coz hotfile.com will not tolerate and will block or delete your premium account

What else hotfile offer?
You can make money with hotfile, simply upload some file and share it. if your file has been download you get the money.

Package Include :
3 Hari/Days : RM18
1 Bulan/Month : RM28
6 Bulan/Month : RM105
1 Tahun/Year : RM165

Note : Please send the transaction to this email below to prove that you have make the payment. Make sure that you inform to me where the account shall I email


After the payment, within 24 hour you will get the account voucher

Megaupload Premium

I'm here to sell GENUINE Megaupload accounts! by selling MU vouchers created as a AUTHORISED RESELLER


1 month premium membership | RM 33
3 months membership | RM 63
1 year membership | RM 175
2 years membership |RM 233
Lifetime Platinum Membership | RM 570


- I Provide full support & recovery of your account in case it gets phised/hacked
- You know you're getting a 100% genuine Megaupload account
- You can create a new or extend your existing account
- You get to choose your own username & password
- Cheapest prices guaranteed!

Please Note that authorised resellers from Megaupload.com will only sell vouchers
Proof of statement quoted from MegaUpload.com

email me at


Kenapa account Megaupload(MU) mahal ?

Ini kerana aku hanya menjual original account. Kalau account Megaupload dicuri, maka tidak ada masalah untuk mendapatkan balik akaun megaupload tidak seperti akaun rapidshare kerana setiap pembelian akan diberikan resit sebagai bukti pembelian

Selain itu, account megaupload boleh disambung tidak seperti sesetengah akaun rapidshare